Upcoming Lectures

Below is a list of upcoming lectures for the HAPC Virtual Didactics series. Interested in presenting? Fill out this form! Check out the Pallimed Calendar page for other educational events.

June 16th: HAPC Virtual Didactics Annual Program Evaluation!

July 21st: Intro to Pediatric Palliative Care

August 3rd: Pediatric Palliative Care topic TBD

August 18th: Palliative Care in Advanced Lung Diseases Dr. Denise Sese

September 7th: Updates on EDI in Palliative Medicine Dr. Sonia Malhotra

September 15th: Non-Pain Symptom Management Dr. Shirley Codada

October 5th: Complementary Modalities Dr. Alessandra Colfi

October 20th Existential Distress and Demoralization in Palliative Care Leah Rosenberg

November 2nd: Practical Strategies for Palliative Care by Telemedicine

November 17th: Palliative Care and Heme Malignancies Dr. Jason Webb

December 7th: Cancer Rehabilitation Dr. Corrine Layne-Stuart

December 15th: Dr. Joseph McCollom

Past Lectures

January 20th: Rev. Jerry Fonte

February 2nd: Kathryn Mannix 

February 17th: Adam Marks – Ethics at the End of Life: a Case-Based Discussion

March 2nd: Katrina Nickels – Harm Reduction and Substance Use in Palliative Care

March 17th: Robin Plumer – Medical aid in dying

April 6th: Fred Grewe – The Value of End-of-Life Existential Distress

April 21st: Pam Carter – End of Life Doula on ACP

May 4th: Juan Pagan-Ferrer – Calciphylaxis

May 19th: Delia Chiaramonte – Integrative Medicine

June 1st: Daniel Shalev – Depression and Antidepressants in Palliative Care

June 3rd: Dr. Raj from Pallium India!